Weed Bag Sizes 101: Bags and Measurements that You Should Know

The consumption of weed and cannabis has increased nowadays. But many users or consumers are being confused about how weed and cannabis are measured and sold. This should be very simple but it is not. You will hear many terminologies about weed measurements. Also, there are different products like edibles or concentrates that have nothing to do with their weight to measure them. 

So if you want to be the smartest person and order the right amount of weed for you, go through the full article below. I will explain about the bags and measurement that you should know.  

Why Is It Important For You

Maybe you are thinking why you should know that while you can easily get a pack of weed at 20$ (for example). But it is important for you to know because by this you can understand you are overpaying for your stuff or not.
If you got to understand how much you will get from one dollar, then you will be able to make some good deal or look for a good deal. 

Different Types Of Measurement

There is a big confusion when it comes to measurements is the determination of the US to stand still to imperial units. On the other hand, the rest of the world is stuck in the metric system. When you see something measured in ounces and pounds, thank the Americans for this.

So, to understand the weed measurement, you must need to know how to convert between the two.

A simple thing you can remember that a gram is usually the lowest amount you can buy online. The size will be like a grape. You can roll two small joints with it.

Now let’s see the imperial and metric conversion. 

  • One ounce is equal to 28 grams. Maybe this is the highest amount you can buy legally.
  • So one ounce is 28 grams, then a quarter is 7 grams.

This will help you to roughly estimate how many grams you will get in the most common measurements people use.

Measurement Terms & The Common Measurements

So now you know the metric system. Let’s go learn about some weed jargon.  When weed was illegal, people need to communicate themselves by codes and there from the jargon stem. 

Let’s see how today’s weed measurement terminology works.

Dime and Dub

Dimes and dubs are based on the amount you are going to pay. A dime means a bag of $10, while dubs refer to bags of $20.  The amount of weed will vary depending on where are you located and the quality provides by your supplier. 

Approximately you will get half a gram in a dime and one gram in a dub. But in many places, the prices have dropped and maybe somewhere you can get one gram in 10$.


Eighth means an eighth of an ounce. It will be around 3.5g. Casual smokers can smoke with it for about 4-5 days.


This measurement is the most popular and it’s fairly obvious. 

It refers to a quarter of an ounce which is around 7g and nearly the size of an apple. This is a standard amount for regular users. Sometimes you can hear people mentioning quarter as “Q”.


I guess already assume it. So a “Half” is half an ounce of weed which is approximately 14g. Regular smokers who usually want to buy weed once in a while, this is a good amount for them to buy. 

When you are buying in bulk, you can save per gram. So the more you buy, the more you can save your money

Ounce/Full O/ Zip

As I said earlier, You already know that an ounce is 28g. This is a solid amount of weed. 

This amount is more than enough for the regular or most determined smokers. You can smoke almost a month with it.  So you don’t have to buy more than this because the weed will go stale if it remains unused for many days.

If you are planning to buy more & freezing it, don’t even think about it. Because it will ruin the taste and potency of the weed.

People usually called it an ounce of weed or the full O or Zip. All means the same.

Weed Bags and Sizes Summary

The measurements of weed are a little crazy until everyone uses the same standards. Till then you have to keep the measurements above in your mind. If you understand these measurements, you can buy weed from anywhere in the world and don’t have to overpay.