How to Grind Weed without a Grinder?

Sitting around with your friends and got a pocket full of weed buds but no grinder in sight? No fear… there are still ways to turn that stick icky into a smokable blunt.

No matter where you can use simple kitchenware, a few switches in your purse, and your own hands to get your meth floor up and ready to smoke.

Without even a grinder, let’s do a crack into how to process weed. It’s really relatively simple.

Cutting Board and Knife

The first one is a very classic move, but if you think of how to grind cannabis for 5 seconds without even a grinder, you have basic logic. 

Even the chart is wise to bring in. For all this, there is also no significant use of an answer. Easily ensure the knife is very sharp. If you’re getting some very gross crap anyway, it’s all trying to stick to the knife. 

Now at this level, you could just cut judo with your fist. Ensure that you will have a sharp knife or that Gucci is you.

Pill Bottle and A Coin

An old tactic that fits to perfect is the pill bottle or coin method. Use an empty bottle of pills or toss in the herb that you need to chop up. 

Then take a nickel or a dime to link it to the bottle (FYI, you’re likely going to want to rinse the penny with wet wipes, liquor scrub, or smoother). 

Insert the top of the bottle and smash it like a picture of a Nikon. It against the system. Also, the stickiest of ickiest may not cut.

Scissors and Shot Glass

Scissors are a useful tool for splitting up buds; however, scissors and shot bottles genuinely fit the bill back. When you’re at a music event or venue, it might be a little tricky. If you’re at home but have a pair of scissors, you ought to be keen ongoing. 

All you do is insert your buds in the bottle of the shoot or begin slicing at this. A bullet bottle gives perfect mobility, but you can also use a small cup or such if you don’t have one.

Coffee Grinder

Part IV uses another common home object, a coffee grinder, to grind cannabis without a grinder. 

This strategy may be a clean bore, but this is the quickest way to grinding it with an actual grinder of marijuana as, well, you need a slicer. This is likely the best way to do it if you’re burying the overall rate of weed.

Blend It

This idea is a bit mad, but why don’t you apply it to the file again? This service runs if you all like your bud grinding to a thick paste. It’s likely not your best choice. 

It’s the most significant clean task, as after then you’ll be done grinding your cannabis, you have to clean your mixer tools well. It could not be the most efficient way. Hey, it’s gone.

Cheese Grater Method

Hard times enable dire acts, unless all of you are all out of thoughts, well, we’re not here to define. Only suppose a blob of parmesan is a nice big bud and begin jarring back. Just ensure you soak it thoroughly before Nonna allows her famed Fagioli pasta.

Break It Up with Your Hands, Dingus

Next and not least, just returned cut it up, most visible reply to how to grind weed without a grinder. It can be a big pain if your herb is too moist, but it’s valuable if you didn’t say like leeching there for tents kitchenware. 

You can keep out to dry less or also defrost for a piece if it is SUPER moist. This is super fun to rip your herb the other time.