What are the Different Levels of Being High?

Having some quality weed is very relaxing and enjoyable. You can get as high as you want, pass some relaxing time and then after a fresh sleep you can get up for work refreshed and focused. But for more availability of weeds, people sometimes overuse it which makes them too high that is not good at all.

So here I will make you learn about some levels of high that people can be and what happens in those times.  

Level 1: Taking The Hit

This is the first level of taking the hit. Actually it will not make a person high, but it makes a person relax and makes him feel energy outburst.  

Level 2: Going Upward

This is the level when people are still calm and you are not high out of the sky. Here everyone can determine that the person smoked weed and he can feel some more smoke of weed can be done. 

Level 3: Lifted

This is the time when the person takes enough to get the kind of feeling of stepping up the ladder. That time the person feels the relaxation not only in muscles or in the entire body but also in the mind. The person will also have a feeling of euphoria. But he will not be out of his mind, just a bit more high. 

Level 4: Quite High

In this phase, weed has already taken your toll of calmness. You will be high enough and have a feeling of drifting apart into thinking and feelings of relaxation. But you can function normally. 

Level 5: Peak Time

Now you are really high and it is noticeable. You cannot keep your mind straight. At this moment you really shouldn’t talk with someone who is not high because they can figure out that you are high. Also, in this stage, you will feel carving for food constantly. 

Level 6: Stoned

On this level, you will feel that your eyelids are becoming heavy and you want to lie down. If these happen you will realize you are stoned. Don’t be panic or uncomfortable. It’s pretty much normal. 

Just be relax and sit down for a while. According to Remedy Review, you can use CBD to smooth the effects of THC if you think you are zoning out.

Level 7: Blazed

Now you will feel like you are being out of your mind. It is like a psychedelic level and you cannot do anything normally. Also, you can see or hear something that is not present or have any reality. I think you should definitely experience this level.

Level 8: Beyond The Reality 

At this point, you are completely out of the world and may think about how the universe is running and all. How life started and how we exist, this kind of thing can come at this level. 

Final Level

I will not prefer to experience this level because it seems like you take psychedelic pills and you will feel as you’ve overdosed.

So these are the possible level you will experience by smoking weed.