10 Creative and Cool Ways to Smoke Weed

Smoking weed is a great relaxing and enjoyable thing to do. In the traditional way, we smoke weed by simply rolling a joint. But now there are many cool and creative ways to feel the regular dose of weed even if you don’t have the rolling paper.

Or you can simply try the other ways.

At the end of the day, when you have a bunch of weed laying around and you just want to smoke it, you really just need a solution that works. So, with this in mind, let’s see some creative and cool ways to smoke weed. 


One of the most popular ways to smoke weed is Bong. You will get high very quickly with it. At the beginning smoke slowly to avoid the burning of all weed. Hit regularly, unless there will be a loss of smoke into the air as after lighting up it doesn’t stop burning.

Use of Pipes

There are various kinds of pipes that you can use to smoke weed.  It can be wooden, glass, metallic, or anything depending on your preference. The process is much similar to the process of smoking weed with a bong.


It’s not necessary you have to roll a joint every time you want to smoke weed. You can also use hookah to smoke weed. Its origin is in India. People also call it huqqa, shisha, etc depending on its use.  It is used for over a hundred years to smoke tobacco across many cultures.

Hookahs are becoming famous rapidly becauseit makes you high easily and quickly. It is the best way to smoke cannabis concentrate or hashish that burns slower than weed. 

Use Concentrates To The Regular Joint

Make the hit stronger to enjoy smoking the weed simply by adding concentrates to the regular joint. You can make the concentrate on a string around. Then you will add that weed and rolled in the usual way. Or you can make a regular joint and then add the concentrates all around the outside of the joint.

Use an Apple

It’s actually not an idle way to smoke weed. But if have no other option you can do this trick. Simply just poke some holes into the apple and stick your blunts there. The apple will act as a pipe and also it will add some flavor to your weed. You can eat the apple after finishing smoking your weed.


It is a mixture between a bong and a pipe. It is similar to a pipe but it will make you high similarly a bong does. Bubblers are usually made of glass. It has a chamber filled with water and a bowl packed with weed. This is very popular nowadays.

Gas Masks

Gas masks are for those people who want hard hit from the weed. It is a very efficient way to be that much high. Here not a single amount of weed smoke escapes from the airtight gas mask that’s why you have to take it all. It’s tough for some people but it’s fun


You may have heard the name as a vape pen or just vape. It is a healthy way to get high on weed.  People who don’t like the smell of weed at all can get an advantage of vape pens because you don’t notice the distinct smell of weed with this. It actually doesn’t emit smoke and it just limits the inhalation of tar and other toxic substances.

Dab Rigs

It is a unique and very cool way to smoke weed concentrates. Here flash vaporization is used to burn the weed. It makes you high quickly and also a healthy option for you.

Hot Knives

It’s a very cool way and will help you when any other option is not open to you.  You just need a source of heat like a stove to heat the knives. Place the weed concentrates on one knife and with the second one, squeeze them together. Now inhale the smoke produced that has been produced and get high.