Common Slang Words for Weed and Cannabis

It’s absurd to think that your kid would ever seek weed or some drug, but don’t be misled. Stats show that half of the teens have used some illegal abuse by the period they finish school.

A few of the exciting things about cannabis is that you’ll have many words to explain about this now. Grass, bud, pot, herb, all the popular term for weed are usual. When you have to keep up on those marijuana sayings, so you’re in the correct spot.

Common slang Words for weed and cannabis

There are just various ways of voicing itself while writing about its act of vaping or torching a blunt. Verify out some very dominant forms here.


Most familiar weed term. It is reported that the plant grows like a weed, thus its name.


A south Asian cannabis prep that is also made into alluring refreshments. Bhang is religiously vital to the Hindu religious society, so when bhang-laden spice mixes or mutton curry are sold in festivals, it is critical to the Holi festival. 

It has a role in India’s herbal society, as it is said to help with nutrition or rest. Cannabis is legal but limited in India over this, and people buy bhang at government-licensed places.


Formed from’ nugget,’ nugget is a slang term for the cannabis tree’s dry seed. The rest of cannabis flowers are provided in bud type, enable companies to use or adjust their rub relying on buds. Nugs will vary a lot in critical on the plant, so selling by size is so famous.


This term, which is officially known as “speck” or “mote,” is a Spanish phrase used to define a tiny amount of marijuana. In Asia or many south in the Us, Mexicans have arrived, this word is used. The term for marijuana is also rented to an ironic name ‘Motivation’ heavy cannabis type.


For cannabis, a slang word. Though its true origin is unsure, the Slang word “grifa,” a cannabis word, is one logical source. The term was coined as usage by the movie Reefer Madness (1936), an early right-winged publicity film with its, literally, insane plot, which earned classic fame.


While dank in old Speech also has a wrong meaning, it is quite useful when referring to cannabis. It can categorize marijuana that is incredibly strong in scent, taste, or impact to be dank. Dank is also used as a specific neutral word in more recent days, and it’s not rare to find youths referring to images or tasty foods as ‘dank.’


Ground cannabis. It’s not surprising to learn that cannabis flower can look like any other fresh herb, like basil or oregano, when ground or shredded. 

Cannabis is considered an herbal remedy since it’s a naturally occurring plant with many nutritional and medicinal properties! Also, cannabis flower can be used as a garnish in weed-infused dishes, much like other culinary herbs.


Indica is also one of 2 main cannabis field crops, one of which is Indica—viewed as manageable, raising, or inspiring. For art creation or outdoor tasks such as hiking or sports, Sativas are excellent for being in that air, but specific highly potent variants can cause major night terrors than just easing it.


Pakalolo is the Maui term for cannabis that exploded after the 2nd World War into English. After its use for President Obama’s profile, it earned a rise in fame, where it is stated how he used to vape pakalolo that often. In beach areas, it appears to be used more commonly, and the word also is used to identify people who use cannabis.


Take a dose meaning “inhaling weed or swallowing it. It can refer to flowers or oil being inhaled.

Session or Sesh

This term refers to a class of people that travel with each other to use cannabis. Ex: cigarette toke.

Puff Puff Pass

Puff pass Is one of cannabis etiquette’s first law. The tobacco line’s first rule is to fire, gulp, go. It says before you push it on to the next man, you never get over two hits and the pipe or cup.


A slang phrase for flatties. Wood is a Backwoods, British is a Danish Boss (also known as a Claim is made), or most truck stops or stores have Sour diesel as popular cigs.

From 710/420

There are numeric signs that an area in which you can suit other weed-loving is cannabis-friendly.

How to Talk to Your Teen about Drugs and Partying

Just 10 percent of victims, 1.4 million kids with alcoholism, seek help. You cannot let that lousy story be your kids. Take action if you feel if your youth uses drugs. The later you fix the issue, or the often the abuse or relapse will arise from their testing. 

Start strict control of the acts of your child quickly or set out fair rules that are binding. As an adult, it’s the most vital thing you cannot agree that there can be an alcohol/drug topic. Look for help if the issue was out of your skills to fix it. 

There are other facilities for the recovery of opioids and drugs that are specific to youth. A plan is going to help put your boy back with his or her level.

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